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Legal action at the Landlord Tenant Board can sometimes be overwhelming and often frustrating. I am dedicated to providing you help in a way that you can understand. The first step is for me to work with you and come up with a plan to get the results you need. My experience and extensive understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act and your knowledge of your special circumstances together we will craft and execute a path to succe

Above Guideline Rent Increases


A Landlord may apply to the Landlord Tenant Board for an order permitting the rent to be increased by more than the guideline amount  if there has been an extraordinary increase in the cost for municipal taxes and/or the landlord has incurred capital expenditures in the residential complex or one or more of the rental units in it. During a consultation meeting, we can review your total capital expenditures and current rent roll and determine your potential rent roll increase.

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